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Many thanks to all the reviews x Update, it's a shame we can't thumb down the review and it not disappear, so we can get a true idea of things, any way this is not a review of sorts so feel free to push down if you want to make me disappear. I blind bought TABU a while ago, since I read the raving reviews, noted the very affordable price and found the notes appealing. At first spritz, it was definitely strong, but I did initally like the spice bomb men´s cologne vibe it was giving off. It felt like I had a full spice drawer around my neck and it seemed to get heavier by the minute.

I personally don’t really get the scandalous name and sexy backstory for this scent.I wore Tabu every day for around 12 years, ❤ Tabu for my nose is a amazingly good scent, truly a timeless beauty and I think it's unisex, sexy and wonderful.It's got so much going for it, warm, boozy, powdery, intense, sultry, affordable, easy to find, not everyone is wearing it, it's interesting and as I said, it's afordable!Compared to some of the outright skanky and screeching scents out there, this is a scent for the woman who goes to the bar alone for a well-made cocktail, not in desperate hopes of getting taken home.yes but only the positive fan reviews get kept, and thats not a fair opinion of how the fragrance comes across to all of us, theres no need to all jump on me or assume i dont like vintages or wasnt even a thought in existance just because i dont rate the drugstore cheapie dana tabu as a very good perfume. so yes for an under perfume i guess its a piece of work. Just a fact of life that we each have differing tastes and opinions! Im afraid to say i am a huge vintage lover, i have vintage shalimar, opium, coco chanel, paloma picasso, etc etc. it cannot hold up to these grand dames and yet it is lamented everywhere as such and that i find misleading.

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Granted what is sold today is a shadow of it's former glory.